Workshop - IMDEX - ioGAS Fundamentals Training

Wednesday 4 th September 2024

Workshop Outline

ioGAS Fundamentals training focuses on the skills necessary to start importing and interpreting your geoscience data using the ioGAS software. This comprehensive course covers topics such as data validation/QC tools, univariate and multivariate plots, downhole and line plots to interrogate your drillhole data, geospatial plots, the creation and use of classification diagrams and calculations, and an overview of how to move your data interpretation seamlessly into other GIS and geology modelling packages. This module will conclude with a guided overview of a typical data interpretation workflow on a real-world (public domain) geochemistry dataset. This training is delivered as a one-day workshop from 9.00 AM to 4.30 PM.

Venue Manta Room 1 or 2
Inclusions Morning Tea/ Lunch / Afternoon Tea
Price $850pp